Tom Raymondson

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I’ve been shooting film since junior high and developing and printing since high school.  My go-to cameras these days range from any number of 35mm classics, like a Nikon F or a Minolta CLE, through several Fuji medium format rangefinders, to a cumbersome 4×5 Sinar F1.  When convenience or airport security dictate, I bring along a Fuji X100F or a Fuji X-Pro2.  Digital files and scanned color film lead me to the computer, but black and white film takes me into my darkroom, where a day watching 16×20 prints emerge in their Dektol bath is certainly a preview of Heaven (unless it, too, has gone digital). 

September 2021: “Lighting”

June 2021

May 2021: “Painterly Effects”

April 2021: “Distance”

March 2021: “Orientation” (square)

February 2021: “Inside”

January 2021: “Weather”

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