Chris Watt

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I was born in the early 1970s in Long Beach, CA, the oldest of three children. My formative years were spent camping and canoeing in wide open spaces of the western U.S., exploring the California coastline, and navigating the gritty urban terrain of southern California. In the mid-1990s, I eventually migrated to Northern California settling in the Ukiah area with my family in 2010 after a decade in coastal Humboldt County. Twenty-five years as a consulting geologist exposed me to the myriad landscapes of the coast ranges and beyond. My photographic interests are many including striking color, juxtaposing forms, and obtuse perspectives.

June 2021: “Liquid, Translucence, Patina”

May 2021: “Painterly Effects”

April 2021: “Distance” (macro to telephoto)

March 2021: “Orientation”

February 20212: “Indoors”

January 2021: “Weather”

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