UPC October Meeting – Update

Sunday, October 3, 2021, 10:00 AM; via Zoom Michael Elyard will talk about the West Virginia Historical Markers Project, a photographic survey of over 1,000 historical markers located in all 55 counties of West Virginia.  Michael took this on with his wife, Beth, as a retirement project.  He expects that it will take several years toContinue reading “UPC October Meeting – Update”

Thirty Years On: Liden, Magruder, & Knight

Grace Hudson Museum, 431 South Main St., Ukiah; through January 16, 2022 Wednesday – Friday 10:00 to 4:30; Saturday & Sunday 12:00 to 4:00 In 1991, the Grace Hudson Museum featured an exhibition of local artists for the first time, displaying Tom Liden’s photography, Mac Magruder’s ceramic sculptures, and Wayne Knight’s portraits. In 1996, theContinue reading “Thirty Years On: Liden, Magruder, & Knight”

“Light & Dark” at MEDIUM

522 E Perkins St., Ukiah; through October 31, 2021 Friday noon – 8:00 PM, Saturday noon – 6:00 PM, Sunday noon – 4:00 PM Light & Dark is an invitation to explore duality; an unflinching look at life and death, good and evil, power struggles, contrast, and diverse perspectives in various forms. Light & DarkContinue reading ““Light & Dark” at MEDIUM”

UPC September Mid-Month Mid-Week Meeting

Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 7:00 PM, via Zoom This is our non-agenda, non-theme meeting.  It would be the perfect opportunity for a member to give a demonstration or tutorial on some area of photography in which they have expertise.  Anyone want to do a live Lightroom or Photoshop demonstration?   Maybe someone has a foolproofContinue reading “UPC September Mid-Month Mid-Week Meeting”

Khoe Pham Corner Gallery Young Artist

September – October, 2021 Khoa (pronounced “Kwa”) came to the U.S with his family in 2012.  He took Lech Sloczynski’s classes at Ukiah High, but admits that he only became serious about his photography in the last half year.  Many of his photos are environmental portraits that show a strong connection between photographer and model.Continue reading “Khoe Pham Corner Gallery Young Artist”

UPC Featured Photographers

Showing at Corner Gallery Ukiah September 2021 Adel Clark Capturing a moment in time, sharing that emotion, and preserving that documentation, is what draws me to photography.  This recording of events is often on my Fujifilm X-T2 camera, but the camera I use most often looks a lot like a phone. I am grateful forContinue reading “UPC Featured Photographers”

UPC September Meeting

The theme for this month’s meeting is “Lighting”. This could include flash, backlighting, night photography, or any photograph that incorporates creative use of light (gee, isn’t that any photo?). Send your photos to ukiahphotoclub@comcast.net or use screen share during the meeting. We will review the show opening and address any issues/problems that have arisen. AndContinue reading “UPC September Meeting”

UPC 10th Anniversary Show

Sunday, August 8 – deadline for participants to send their artist’s statement to Mimi for editing.   Sunday, August 15 – deadline for participants to send a self-portrait, to be printed along with their artist’s statement, to ukiahphotoclub@comcast.net (optional). Sunday August 15 – deadline to send label info (include all photos that you might be showing) toContinue reading “UPC 10th Anniversary Show”