UPC June Meeting

Sunday, June 6, 2021; 11:00 AM; in person

Photo provided by Park Steiner

For the first time in over a year the Ukiah Photography Club will be meeting in person! A member has graciously offered an outdoor setting at their home. For directions, contact ukiahphotoclub@comcast.net.

We will discuss our September show and establish a tentative list of participants. It would be a good time to start outlining the various responsibilities, including publicity, labels, and installation. If you are not familiar with the Corner Gallery, go in and check it out. We will have the entire front section, with four main walls (one with various protuberances), plus nooks and crannies and windowsills.

We will also discuss future meetings, both in person (eventually indoors) and online.

The theme for photo share is “liquid, translucence, patina”. Send images, ideas for a Mystery Photo, and additional agenda items to ukiahphotoclub@comcast.net. (Alternately, bring your photos on a USB thumb drive.)

The meeting will also be a potluck brunch. Please bring only individual items, like muffins or apples, as opposed to dips or casseroles that would be handled by numerous people. We’re trying to ease into this. Members can use the comment section below to indicate what they will bring (so we don’t have ten dozen donuts).

And, please, only come if you are completely vaccinated, and respect others’ preferences for social distancing and masks.

4 thoughts on “UPC June Meeting

  1. I may have another commitment on that day, but if I can make it, I’ll bring pieces of fruit, oranges, bananas, etc.


  2. I didn’t find these comments earlier so started the potluck list on email instead. However, here it is so I know that that we will provide drinks (lemon water, soda water, iced tea, and San Pelligrino citrus sodas) and cheesy phyllo cups. In addition, I believe that there will be bran muffins, boiled duck eggs…


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