April meeting – cancelled

The April 5 meeting at Mountain Mike’s Pizza is cancelled. Instead, we will conduct our business over the next several weeks through the Comment link below this post. To submit photographs for critique (our theme this month is “color” – but as always that’s only a suggestion) send them to ukiahphotoclub@comcast.net. Please resize them (see instructions in the email) and give each a title. I will post them on the Photographs page. Use the Comment section below to tell us whatever you would have told us about your photos at a real meeting, and then the rest of us will jump in with our critiques.

Dave Lohse will submit another mystery photo, which I will also post on the Photographs page and then we can discuss. At some point we should talk about whether to go ahead with the photo walk at Riverside Park planned for April 11. You can also use the Comment section for other photography announcements or discussions. I guess if you want to show off your new camera or lens you’ll have to send in a picture of it.

As of April 1 there will be only five months until our show. I had planned on taking an informal/tentative survey on who plans to participate, so maybe we can do that, too.

We still have $255 in the treasury.

2 thoughts on “April meeting – cancelled

  1. Posted this on the Photographs page. Still trying to figure out the best way to keep the conversation going.

    Not sure about this, Chris. As someone who does shoot actual Ektar film, which usually gives vibrant and true colors, I would say that the original looks more Ektar than the Ektar. (That reminds me of a line from The Grammarians by Cathleen Schine: “How can ‘mean’ mean ‘mean’ and also mean ‘mean’?” – but I digress.) Seeing the before and after is very informative and is something we should do more of. (Shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition – but I digress.)


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