February meeting

Sunday, February 2, 2020, 11:00 AM

Mountain Mike’s Pizza, Ukiah

Our theme this month is “rain”. Please limit yourself to five images. Tom will provide a mystery photo critique and there will be the usual time for photography announcements, discussions, and show-and-tell. Note that meetings and events will no longer be posted to the old website, although both ukiahphoto.club and ukiahphotoclub.com will lead you here.

Members who wish to post photos should send them to ukiahphotoclub@comcast.net.

Monthly themes for 2020:

  • January – mood / emotion / feeling
  • February – rain
  • March – framing
  • April – color
  • May – something out of your comfort zone
  • June – movement
  • July – postcard
  • August – night
  • September – black & white
  • October – downtown Ukiah
  • November – people
  • December – best / favorite (past year and ever)

January meeting

Sunday, January 5, 11:00 AM

Mountain Mike’s Pizza

Our theme for this month is “mood, emotion, feeling”. Please limit yourself to five images. Bring ideas for future themes – we will decide whether to schedule like we did for the past year or to take it one month at a time. Park will provide a new mystery photo for our critique.

Note that this will be the last meeting posted on the Meetup site, so it’s the last time you will get the reminder emails. You should get an email from this site whenever a new meeting/event is posted. Let me know if the site is not working the way it’s supposed to.

There will be the usual time for photography questions, discussions, and show-and-tell.

We will now have three ways to communicate: 1. You can leave comments at the bottom of this (or any) post; 2. You can email ukiahphotoclub@comcast.net (it’s on the Contact page) which will send a message directly to Tom Raymondson; or, 3. You can email all of the members by doing a “Reply to All” (that’s what it’s called on a Mac – I assume there is a comparable command in Windows) from the email I will send out later today with all of the member email addresses that have been submitted.

If you have photos you would like to be posted on the Photographs page, email them to ukiahphotoclub@comcast.net.


December meeting

Sunday, December 1, 2019, 11:00 AM.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza, 1090 S. State St.

For sharing this month (more of a celebration than a critique): bring two photos – your best/favorite from the past year and your best/favorite ever. This is your definition of “best” and “favorite”. We will discuss our progress on a replacement for Meetup (you’re looking at it right now) and review our very tentative decision to work toward a Mendocino County theme for our next show. We also need to talk about themes or projects for upcoming meetings (do we want to lay them out in advance like we did this year, or should we go month-to-month like we used to, or should we move away from themes for a while?). We will have the usual time for photo-related questions, discussions, and show-and-tell. Sounds like a busy meeting.

Members, please use the “Contact” section to RSVP.