Nature Photo Shoot Hosted by Park Steiner

Saturday, November 20, 2021, 2:00 PM

For location and directions contact ukiahphotoclub@comcast.net

Richard Wong

Park says:

“This will be a walk in the woods, so come prepared. Attire should be shoes and clothes that can get wet and dirty.  It can be chilly, so layers are good.  Light this time of year can be marginal, so slow exposures or high ISOs are likely.  What camera gear?  As always, the best camera is the one you have with you.  A tripod is always a good idea especially a light-weight one.  Bring what you are comfortable hiking with.  If it’s a moist day, think about how you’re going to keep your gear dry.  If multiple lenses, a backpack is useful (for snacks, too!).  I find it useful to have the ability to go from wide to tele, so a zoom if nice.  Be thinking trees, leaves, bark, mushrooms, ferns, newly germinating plants, a creek, a pond, a cliff, silhouettes, frames, shapes, contrasts, etc. There are some birds, mostly the commonly seen species, but these are more the subject for the long-lens folks.  Deer are likely, but not close up.  Off the trails, poison oak is prevalent, though pretty much dormant this time of year.  There are some steeper places, possibly wet and slick, so you may want a walking stick.”

We will have time to talk about photographic opportunities and strategies both before and after the shoot. Members should indicate whether they plan to participate in the comments below or in response to the accompanying email. If there are more than four or five we will arrange carpools to avoid parking problems.


UPC December Meeting

Sunday, December 5, 2021, 10:00 AM; via Zoom

Our theme this month is “Best/Favorite”. Two photos – your best or favorite from the past year, and your best or favorite ever. This is your definition of “best” or “favorite”. This is not a critique but a celebration of why we all capture light on sensors or film.

We will also continue the discussion of when to resume in-person meetings, finalize a list of themes for 2022, and set up a procedure for paying dues for the new year.

Our need for increased membership is ongoing, so feel free to invite guests. For sign-in information contact ukiahphotoclub@comcast.net.


Arts Council of Mendocino County Announces 2021 Arts Champions

MEDIUM, a new exhibition space in Ukiah, was awarded an honorabe mention for the grit, determination, and inclusive vision of its three founders: Chris Pugh (co-founder of the Ukiah Photography Club), Lillian Rubie, and Meredith Hudson. In the words of their community nominator, “This group of Inland Mendo locals worked to achieve their goal of a new community space for artists of all levels and styles to share their work free of charge. Their gallery is inviting and professional, and also accessible to artists who may be emerging or have not shown before. They are engaging the community with thought-provoking calls for entry, and it is great to have a fresh place for more art in Ukiah. The more voices we hear and see, the better!”


Thirty Years On: Liden, Magruder, & Knight

Grace Hudson Museum, 431 South Main St., Ukiah; through January 16, 2022

Wednesday – Friday 10:00 to 4:30; Saturday & Sunday 12:00 to 4:00

In 1991, the Grace Hudson Museum featured an exhibition of local artists for the first time, displaying Tom Liden’s photography, Mac Magruder’s ceramic sculptures, and Wayne Knight’s portraits. In 1996, the three returned with a second show. Mac’s work featured fantastical sculptures while Tom explored form and color in new ways and Wayne’s paintings reflected his travels in Cambodia.

Now, with 30 Years On: Liden, Magruder, & Knight, the Museum considers the artistic journeys of all three artists, showcasing artwork both from the past and present. Although Wayne passed in 2009, the exhibit includes pieces of his that have never been displayed at the Museum until now.

2021 UPC Themes / Sparks

Jan Weather (clouds, ice, precipitation, wind)

Feb Indoors (indoor scenes, food, photo booth set-ups)

Mar Orientation (vertical, square, fish eye)

Apr Distance (macro, telephoto)

May Painterly Effects (abstract, kaleidoscope, brush strokes)

Jun Liquid, translucence, patina

Jul Time of Day / “Sign of the Times”

Aug Textural details (in nature or man-made)

Sep Lighting (backlighting, night photography, flash)

Oct Imperfection (unsymmetrical compositions, insect eaten leaves, jam smeared face)

Nov Domestic animals (dogs, cats, chickens)

Dec Best / favorite (year & ever)