UPC Mid-Month Mid-Week May Meeting

Tuesday, May 11, 2021, 7:00 PM, via Zoom

This is our informal, non-agenda meeting, although we have several things we could talk about: Are we getting closer to meeting in person? Do we take/make pictures, photographs, photos, or images? We’ll use screen share for any pictures/photographs/photos/images you would like to show. Contact ukiahphotoclub@comcast.net for sign-in info.


UPC April Meeting – Rescheduled

Sunday, April 11, 2021, 11:00 AM, via Zoom

To avoid any potential family or religious conflicts, the April UPC meeting has been rescheduled to Sunday, April 11.

Aleia Murawski & Sam Copeland

Our theme this month is “distance”, meaning macro/close-up or telephoto. Send photos for the meeting and website, ideas for a Mystery Photo or other agenda items, and requests for sign-in info to ukiahphotoclub@comcast.net.


2021 UPC Themes / Sparks

Jan Weather (clouds, ice, precipitation, wind)

Feb Indoors (indoor scenes, food, photo booth set-ups)

Mar Orientation (vertical, square, fish eye)

Apr Distance (macro, telephoto)

May Painterly Effects (abstract, kaleidoscope, brush strokes)

Jun Liquid, translucence, patina

Jul Time of Day / “Sign of the Times”

Aug Textural details (in nature or man-made)

Sep Lighting (backlighting, night photography, flash)

Oct Imperfection (unsymmetrical compositions, insect eaten leaves, jam smeared face)

Nov Domestic animals (dogs, cats, chickens)

Dec Best / favorite (year & ever)


The Photographer in Your Town

Henry Wonacott was a tenacious and adaptable commercial photographer working in Mendocino County between the years of 1908-1947. Equipped with the capacity to cater his skills to a changing market, his photography chronicles an evolving economic landscape.




Free: Photography Magazines

Park Steiner is offering back issues of Popular Photography, Outdoor Photographer, Shutterbug, American Photographer, and Photo Techniques.  Dates range from the 1990’s to recent years.  Most of these publications are now out of print, but much of the content remains relevant.  There are articles on composition, lighting, posing, even working with models, professional or just the grandkids.  Black and white is a common topic, both digital and from the darkroom.  There are inspirational pieces on why art is an important part of photographers’ lives, and how photographs are instrumental in disseminating information to others.  And, of course, the magazines are filled with many fine examples of great photography.  In addition, the advertisements provide a window into the technology and styles of the time.  

The only organization is that they are in boxes by publication.  Dates are random.  Being stored indoors, they’re all in nice shape.

Interested photographers should contact Park at parksteiner@pacific.net to arrange for perusal and pickup at his Deerwood home.